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Architecture has always required representation.

        Architects have ideas, and these must be visualized and communicated. 

Any form of architectural representation - a working  drawing,  a perspective, a computer generated 'model' or image, or a physical model'- must make material a concept in the creator's mind. Of all these forms of representation, the physical model is the only three-dimensional realization of the architect's idea - which, after all, is ultimately intended to be a physical, three-dimensional 'thing'.

However much you use two-dimensional images, and computer generated 'models', we do live in a very 'three-dimensional world', you can view, and move around the model, much as we view and move around objects of everyday life. Models are closer to reality than any other media, they are understood more easily by the eye, and are more accessible to a wider range of people.


We have provided architects and designers with physical models for over twenty five years. We provide our clients with a broad range of model making services, we offer basic sketch models with many levels of simplicity or detail, design tools, study, sectional, block, massing, planning, and creative models, in a wide range of materials and finishes.   And of course highly detailed marketing and presentation models.

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Based in Birmingham we work closely with clients locally, nationally, and worldwide. We take great pride in our work, whether we are constructing a simple design sketch or a highly finished marketing product. Our clients do comment on this, and repeatedly we have been told we represent excellent value for money.



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